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Picture this: You see a dark figure outside of your home one evening, so you go outside to see who it is. A person wearing a hoodie and a mask points a gun at you, so you do what any right thinking American would do- you shoot him in defense of your life.

It turns out that the kid is the 15 year old from down the street who mows your lawn, and the gun was an Airsoft replica.

The latest social media craze has teenagers sneaking around their neighborhoods at night while wearing black hoodies and masks while carrying fake guns, in a game that they are calling “Senior Assassin.”

Bad Day at Work

Room 37 is the unluckiest room in the emergency department at my hospital. It seems like every time I am assigned to the rooms 36, 37, and 38, the day turns into a disaster. The most memorable events from the past six months:

  • There was the psychotic patient who attempted to attack me before having to be tackled and held down by no fewer than 4 security guards so we could sedate him.
  • Or the woman who had a miscarriage and was given an abortion pill so she could expel the products of conception and almost bled to death. Over the hour it took for the surgical team to be prepped for her emergency D&C, I had to give her 4 units of packed RBCs, 2 units of frozen plasma, four bags of saline, and a unit of platelets. In other words, we more than replaced her entire blood volume.
  • There was the patient who had a respiratory infection that was aggravated by the fibroids that were caused by his previous COVID infection. I gave him his antibiotic (Cefepime) and within a minute he was deep into an anaphylactic reaction. I had to run to the medication room and grab the Epi kit.

Still, none of that compares to the last time I was covering room 37. Things had been going smoothly to that point. I was six hours into my shift, and things were great. I sent my patient from room 37 upstairs, and received my next. She had come into the ED complaining of abdominal pain. She was writhing around, moaning in pain, and covered in what looked like a raging case of ringworm. I needed to get an IV so I could draw her blood, give her some pain medication, and give IV access for the CT team, who were going to need that access so they could inject her with the contrast dye. She was thrashing about as I went to start the IV, and moved just as the needle broke the skin. That needle went into her arm, came out, and immediately went through my glove and into my left index finger.

Oh shit.

I pulled my glove off, and my punctured finger was coated in a mixture of her blood and my own. After more than 35 years working in the medical field, I finally received the most common nursing injury- a contaminated needle stick.

I reported it to the charge nurse, and his only comment was that I needed to stop goofing off and move patients through my section because we had almost ten people in the waiting room. So I went and found the charge nurse for the next section over, who gave me the needlestick hotline phone number.

Within two hours, they had tested patient’s blood and determined that she didn’t have Hepatitis or HIV, then tested my own to ensure the same. They also tested my blood to make sure that I still had a positive titer for Hepatitis B.

The rest of my shift went to shit. By the time I left at the end of my shift, I was ready for the weekend to start, because I had had enough. When the weekend came, I got to spend it at employee health. So much for one of my days off.

Men Are Not Potatoes

As soon as I read this post

The first thing that I thought of was this clip:

Reporter : [to John Spartan] How can you justify destroying a $7 million dollar mini mall to rescue a girl whose ransom was only $25,000 dollars? 

Little Girl : FUCK YOU, LADY! 

John Spartan : Ha!

Transition to Jimmy Carter Era is Complete

The Biden administration is supposedly pissed off that Israel didn’t inform them of the strike in Damascus that killed an Iranian General. Do you know why Israel didn’t inform anyone? Because Biden is a Neville Chamberlain kind of milquetoast jellyfish. He called Netanyahu and asked him not to retaliate for the over 300 missiles that were fired at his country overnight because, “they didn’t hit anything of value.”

Except there were casualties, including a 7 year old girl who was struck by shrapnel. I’m sure someone thought that their 7 year old daughter was of value. The only reason that there were few casualties was that the Israeli systems were able to intercept 99% of the missiles before they hit anything.

Look, I am against the US getting militarily involved in foreign wars, and that includes both Ukraine and Israel. With that being said, how hard would it be to make a call telling Netanyahu, “The American people are both saddened and shocked at Iran’s attempted attacks on your civilian populations. We will not stand in opposition to any action that your nation chooses to take in response to this ghastly attack.” Instead, Biden proved that his statement of supporting Israel was bullshit.

Otherwise, you embolden those dictators who would attack others.

He is deliberately ignoring that it was his sponsoring of terrorists, to the point that his own generals were planning and supporting the attacks on Israeli citizens, that prompted the Israeli drone strike that got his panties in a bunch.

Just because Democrats have been kissing Iran ass since the 1970’s doesn’t mean that Israel has to.

More on the Carjacking

The car jacking turned kidnapping I posted about a few days ago? The victim’s burned out vehicle was found 30 miles away with a dead body inside of it. The cops are saying that the carjacker used a 10mm handgun in the carjacking. That means there was spent brass recovered at the scene. (Too early to have recovered bullets and had them analyzed in a lab)

The husband said his wife was traveling to Central Florida to visit family, but the cops say that they are not aware of any relatives living in the area, nor are there any records of the victim or her husband having any connections to the area. The victim was from the Dominican Republic and had lived in South Florida for the past five years.

My theory is that one of the following two scenarios are most likely:

  • the woman was acting a drug mule for her husband and she was carjacked in connection with those activities
  • the husband had his wife killed for some reason

I think that the first of those is the most likely of those two.

Election Season

Communist supporters of Palestinian terrorists are planning to “identify and blockade major choke points in the economy, focusing on points of production and circulation with the aim of causing the most economic impact.” In other words, they will be blocking roads and highways, according to the leftist website that is publishing their plans,

If one city faces police repression, other cities will extend or expand their blockades or initiate other actions in response if able to the best of their abilities and capacity.

We will not attack each other or each other’s actions on social media or to the press. We will hold a post-action debrief so that we can raise principled critiques among ourselves in a constructive manner rather than publicly.

Every city will take responsibility for choosing and planning their own local actions. Fellow organizers will not discourage or denounce each others plans because solidarity means affinity, not ownership.

We will keep each other safe by not talking to the police, not coordinating with the police, and not talking to them about our actions or our fellow organizers.

Be aware that the Commies are starting their election year bullshit again. Sigh. The smoke and pepper gas grenades go back in the truck, as does some extra firepower. We will also keep an eye on traffic patterns to make sure we aren’t surprised by these criminals.


A woman was carjacked in the middle of the day in a suburb on the north side of Orlando, and the crime was caught on camera. A couple of observations:

  • It bears repeating: get out of cities. Now.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. If someone wearing a halloween mask and carrying a gun approaches your car at an intersection, you have a problem.
  • The best way to survive a shooting is not to be there. If you see someone with a gun approaching your car, drive away. She was the car in front, for crying out loud.
  • If you can’t do that, you should have a gun with you. Now you and the carjacker both have a problem. Sharing is caring. At this point, even if you lose the ensuing gunfight, you have at least marked the assailant for easy identification. He will be the guy with the sucking chest wound found somewhere between the scene of the shootout and the nearest hospital.
  • This crime was preplanned, as evidenced by the fact that the car that the shooter got out of had a covered license plate. The woman was from the Miami area. Suspicious itself.

Still True a Year Later

From a post last May:

What we are watching here is the death of the country that we grew up with.

It’s mathematically and historically certain at this point- our government and the nation it is nominally in charge of are about to fail. There is nothing that can prevent that. Do you think the American citizens will sit idly by while Conservative militias tell them that their social security and welfare are a thing of the past? How large will the riots be when the free money machine stops flowing?

  • We would still be living under a government with $30 something trillion in debts and another couple hundred trillion in as yet unfunded liabilities. Those over 45 or so are going to demand their Social Security, which we cannot afford to pay. Any one who thinks otherwise is foolishly deluded. The entire world is on the verge of an economic collapse caused by profligate spending and loose fiscal policy.
  • The bloated bureaucracy that is the Federal government. What to do with it? What are all of those workers going to be doing while you are telling them that they are fired? Sure, the government may have fallen by that point, but you still have a large number of now unemployed Feds who will be fighting for power. It will make the Somali warlord faction fight small by comparison.
  • With all of that going on, the Chinese and Russians are not going to stand idly by and do nothing. Likewise, neither are the Mexican cartels. As soon as the US government is weak, expect those who are strong to take action. So any new government will have to deal with that while also trying to get the domestic house in order.

You aren’t going to fix those problems with a charge up Bunker Hill, Capitol Hill, or any other hill. To try and do so would be an exercise in futility and a waste of your life. Even should you survive that battle, what of the next? and the next? and the one after that?

What SHOULD we do? Exactly what we are doing, that’s what. Watch, make sure that you, your families, and your like minded neighbors are in as good a position for weathering the coming storm as you can be. Have food, water, and shelter taken care of. Make sure you have skills in as many fields as possible: know some medicine, how to grow food, how to repair things. Those skills you don’t have, make friends with those locally who do have them. Make sure you aren’t a freeloader- bring skills to the table that those others will need. Store your wealth in things that aren’t measured in dollars. In other words, don’t put all of your eggs in the stock market, in cash, or the bank. When the economy collapses, all of that will become worthless. Instead, own land, own tangible things that are useful like a home, precious metals, tools, ammunition, canning supplies, and other things that are useful in trade.

So my advice here is to recognize that securing your own position through this is the best course of action. Understand what you can and cannot change, learn to tell the difference, and adapt to that which you cannot change. Governments fall, but the people remain. Make sure that you are one of the ones who remain. I know that some of you will think that this sounds defeatist, and maybe it is. I just don’t think that there is any way to change the course that this nation is on. It will play out, and my objective is to still be around to see what comes after.

Lying Liar that Lies

So there are three lies here:

I used to teach the Second Amendment in law school

No, he didn’t. He never taught a single class. (source: New York Post)

From the very beginning, there were limitations

“Everything in that statement is wrong,” said David Kopel, the research director and Second Amendment project director at the Independence Institute. After 1791, “there were no federal laws about the type of gun you could own, and no states limited the kind of gun you could own.” Not until the early 1800s were there any efforts to pass restrictions on carrying concealed weapons, he said. (source: The Washington Post)

You couldn’t own a cannon.

That is false. (source: Politifact) private individuals could, and did: 

  1. form their own military units, usually termed “Legions,” that included artillery units.
  2. organize and charter private militia units as nonprofit corporations. On 28 October 1801, for example, Thaddeus Rice, John Hastings, James Godfrey, Reuben Rice and others incorporated a private artillery company in St. Albans, Vermont (see pages 120-21 of that state’s annual statutes to verify). On 3 November of the following year, 40 individuals did likewise in Shrewsbury, Rutland County (pps. 44-46). Other examples abound.
  3. own cannon, individually and as part of mercantile partnerships, for use on their ships, for protection against pirates and for use as privateers, private ships licensed by the U.S. federal government to seize enemy ships for lawful sale, a power granted Congress in the Constitution (Article I, § 8, clause 11). During the War of 1812, more than 200 American privateers seized and sold over 1,000 British ships. See the novels George Washington’s Secret Navy, and Patriot Pirates: The Privateer War for Freedom and Fortune in the American Revolution
  4. develop, manufacture, stockpile, and sell cannon to meet the demand of private individuals as well as the government. Consider an article in the Congressional Weekly Register on 7 January 1812 (pps. 342-43) complaining “that the least rumour of war” caused the market price of military goods like cannon to increase 50 to 100 percent.

Senile old piece of shit. I just have no, and I mean none, respect for this doddering old fool.