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Washington residents sue the Navy to stop SEALs from training in state parks, because the thought of men armed with guns watching them from behind trees is too scary to think about.

It isn’t like Washington is part of the US anymore, so perhaps soon those will be actual combat missions.


Rumors and Hearsay

I will admit that these are anecdotes, but it’s important to listen to the odd facts that we hear. I have heard some really odd stuff over the past month or so, and I figured that I would let you hear a bit of it. The following stories are all from people that I have known for awhile, and are telling me these things on the condition that I make it generic enough that no one can tell who they are. Believe these stories or not, but I can’t give any links or evidence to support them.

I was speaking with a woman from the Dominican Republic recently. She was explaining to me that dozens of her friends were making money in the USA without ever setting foot in the country. They are going online and setting up internet based bank accounts and then filing for COVID related benefits. She says that some of them have made as much as $20K by filing for benefits without ever having been here in the USA. Think of how much money is going out to these kinds of fraudsters.

Another conversation that I recently had was with a business owner who got a PPP loan of over $300K. He played some paperwork games to make it all look legit, and used the money to buy himself a really nice boat. More like a small yacht. No one has asked a question.

A third recent conversation was when I went to a party recently that was filled with cops. Some FBI, some local cops, really a bit of everything. Most were from families that have been cops for generations. I’ve known several of them for 30 years or so. They are ashamed by the political games being played in Washington. One of the agents I met was a 25 year old female agent who was incredibly intoxicated. I knew her dad back in the day. She was recruited because she looks young. Really young, like maybe 13 or 14 years old kind of young. It was odd tossing back shots with a person that looked like a child. Her job is catching pedos by posing as a young teen. Her story was that too many of her arrests were of people who have enough pull to get out of any charges. She told me that she wants out, because the entire thing creeps her out. Not only the whole dealing with predators, but the fact that so many of them have enough pull to get out of it. We are talking political figures, judges, celebrities, prominent businessmen with important connections, that kind of thing.

Rigging the vote Silence the opposition War on the Right

You and Your Family

Now they are threatening families of SCOTUS with show trials related to J6.



Disturbing news from the Navy. The Russian navy is conducting exercises involving 140 ships. Nearly all of its Navy is at sea, including an amphibious task force comprised of 7 landing ships left the Baltic a week ago. This task force is capable of putting an entire brigade on the beach. It’s important to note that they are sailing without their AIS transponders active.

The current occupant of the Oval Office is going to blunder us into a national disaster in order to improve his poll numbers.

Rigging the vote War on the Right

Lawfare in Elections

The election manipulation act, or whatever they were calling it, failed to pass. That won’t deter the Communist revolution. Instead, they are going to use the Republican outrage against the 2020 farce as an excuse to eliminate as many Republicans from the field as possible.

One way or the other, they are going to rig the next election. Soros owns the attorneys general in those states, and he is going to weaponize them.

Failure of Education

Ivy Prestige

There are eight Ivy league colleges in the United States: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Princeton. All have this reputation of being the best colleges that the country has to offer. Being accepted to one of them is an indication of excellence. Is pride in that accomplishment justified?

Only a five students have been accepted by all eight of them.

What do all of these students have in common? (Other than being accepted by all eight Ivy League schools, of course.) They have a lot in common:

  • They are all black.
  • They are all immigrants. 3 are from Nigeria, 1 from Guyana, 1 from Ghana
  • All five of them went to high school within 35 miles of Manhattan.

Admittedly, they have high grades and test scores. However, lots of students have that. So then explain to me how David Hogg qualified for Harvard with his SAT scores, which were low enough to place him in the 5th percentile.

Keep in mind that Harvard accepts less than 6 percent of applicants. The other schools in the Ivy league do the same. They have been sued for discrimination in the past.

William Fitzsimmons, the 30-year dean of admissions, who oversees the screening process of about 40,000 applicants and narrows them down to 2,000 acceptance letters that are handed out each year, testified that African-Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic high schoolers with mid-range SAT scores out of a possible 1600 combined math and verbal, are sent recruitment letters with a score as low as 1100, whereas Asian-Americans need to score at least 250 points higher – 1350 for women and 1380 for men.

Tell me that being accepted to those prestigious schools is about your ability and accomplishments, and not about meeting the woke checkboxes. The admissions departments at these schools claim that this isn’t discrimination, because they are attempting to “break the cycle of the discrimination of the past.” Fighting discrimination by discriminating against people is like fucking to preserve virginity.

Harvard isn’t the only one. Yale was also sued by the justice department under President Trump for discriminating against qualified white and Asian students.

Meanwhile, 49 percent of the students at Harvard have straight A’s.

I don’t understand how a University that admits students based on race, then gives them straight A’s can possibly be an elite school that carries any sort of prestige.

economics Presidency

One Year

Let’s see:



Another tragic death, because he wouldn’t get a vaccine.


Another Bear Attack

Just last week, I posted about a woman in Orlando who was attacked by a bear. Well, it happened again, this time in Daytona.


9th Circuit

The 9th Circuit ruled that the closing of gun stores as “nonessential” during the 2020 lockdowns was unconstitutional. I expect the state will request an en banc ruling, and they will overturn it.