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You’re doing it wrong

A city worker was injured after being struck by debris from a blank that had been fired during active shooter simulation training. Did we learn nothing from the Alec Baldwin disaster? Even with blanks, projectiles still leave the barrel, and using real firearms to fire blanks is just asking for live ammo to work its way into the training scenario. All it takes is one forgotten spare magazine in an officer’s pouch, and tragedy results.

When engaging in gunfire simulation, there are a few rules, the first of which is that you don’t use real firearms. There are plenty of alternatives. From high realism/low danger like simunition, to Airsoft, paintballs, blue guns, or even simply fireworks.

There is no need EVER for pointing real firearms capable of firing actual bullets at people in a training situation. You have set yourself up for a scenario where a single point of failure is all that stands between safety and serious injury.

Look at this picture from another version of the story and tell me what this is accomplishing:

Slide lock, magazine inserted, in holster? Don’t get me started on the flimsy belt or the bunch of fabric that can get caught in the safetyless Glock trigger.

Criminals Police State

Air Security Failure

A man flew from Barbados to Miami International with a loaded .32 revolver in his carry on. They claim that he was arrested after TSA agents found a handgun in his belongings.

I don’t buy it. Since when does the TSA screen people who are getting off of a plane? One of two things happened here: Either he brought it to their attention himself, or he was caught because he had to exit and reenter security for some reason.

The article reads like the TSA is so much better at security than other agencies. This summer, it was announced that TSA agents missed 95% of weapons that were placed in luggage by inspectors. In 17 out of 18 tries by the undercover federal agents saw explosive materials, fake weapons, or drugs pass through TSA screening undetected.

The problem that I have here, all incompetence aside, is that TSA is wasting time and effort looking for drugs. Their main and only purpose is supposed to be safety. in fact, the only reason that SCOTUS even allowed this violation of the Fourth Amendment was that the TSA was for safety and not law enforcement purposes, but that is not the point of this post.

The 2021 failure rate is not anything new. In 2017, they missed 70% of weapons. In 2015, they failed 95% of the time. Congress has been briefed that the TSA is a colossal waste of money.

I can believe it. I have had two incidents where I accidentally flew with weapons.

  • I once flew from Fairbanks to Los Angeles with a large container of bear mace in my carry on bag.
  • I once flew from Orlando to Nashville, including a layover in Atlanta, with a Glock 9mm in my carry on. I had simply forgotten that it was in my bag. I went to the airport, passed through security, and boarded the plane. When I put my bag in the overhead compartment, I heard a loud thump. I wondered what I had in there that was so heavy, and it dawned on me in an instant. I flew the entire way to Atlanta in a cold sweat. I was worried that I would have to pass through security again to change gates at my layover. It turns out that I didn’t. Once I was on the second flight, I realized that most security is theater. The TSA is staffed with a bunch of minimum wage high school dropouts. The only reason that 911 hasn’t happened again is that no one has tried.

The TSA catches 4,500 or so firearms at checkpoints per year. Assuming that they catch as many as 30% of them, as they did in the best year they ever had, this means that 15,000 or more firearms per year wind up on America’s aircraft. If they only catch 5%, as they did in the most recent test, as many as 90,000 firearms per year wind up flying the friendly skies.

The TSA costs us taxpayers $8.24 billion per year. That is over $1.8 million for each detected firearm, while they miss 95% of the firearms in passenger luggage. Who knows how much extra the TSA agents steal on top of that? The TSA has fired nearly 400 employees for stealing from travelers’ luggage.

The Miami Airport is #1 in TSA agent thefts, which ranks twelfth in passengers, with 29 employees terminated for theft from 2002 through December 2011.

This is one of the marks of third world shithole countries: the police are often on the take. If they are willing to steal, how willing are they to take bribes? Officers in Palm Beach, New Haven, Newark, and Westchester have all been caught accepting bribes from people for circumventing security. In fact, 20,000 of the TSA’s 55,000 agents have had complaints of misconduct against them, but 95% of the time, no discipline is administered.

The TSA, like most of the government, is a jobs program that is nothing more than a waste of taxpayer money that doesn’t accomplish the mission that it has been assigned.

Disclaimer: The stories above are for illustrative and artistic purposes only. They may or may not have happened. The posts on this site should not be construed as a confession or admission of guilt. So if any Federal, State, or Local law enforcement are reading this page, you should keep in mind that I probably never did any of the things I claim to have done. So there.


End of Greatness

The last of World War Two’s 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment has passed away at the age of 99. The regiment was the subject of an HBO series “Band of Brothers” and some of the things that they did became textbook examples of how to carry out various infantry actions.

With the loss of the last survivor of the regiment, an era of history has ended. Where they have gone, the reunions will be epic. Enjoy Valhalla, sir.



The Santa Fe DA says this about Alec Baldwin:

“Guns don’t just go off. So whatever needs to happen to manipulate the firearm, he did that, and it was in his hands.”

Now I still think that Alec Baldwin has enough money and celebrity to get out of it. We all know that there are two sets of laws in this country: One for rich lefties, and one for the rest of us. That doesn’t mean that the law wasn’t broken, just that he will use connections to get out of it.


More Pedos in Government

News comes out that CIA employees were downloading child porn while at work and using CIA computers. Even more stunning is that US law enforcement has decided not to prosecute.

The more of this I see, the more of it I can’t believe. There is a significant segment of our government that is grooming our children to be sexual playthings.

COVID tyranny

NYC: Vax Required

The Mayor of NYC has announced that all private employers in that city will be required to mandate vaccines for all employees. Additionally, all children ages 5 to 11 will be required to provide proof of vaccination to enter all indoor dining, entertainment and fitness establishments. This goes into effect on December 27.



Leave it to the left to constantly use the military to enforce their whims. Now the Governor of New York is mobilizing the National Guard to “assist” New Yorkers in receiving the jab and to staff nursing homes who can’t seem to find enough health care workers.

The activation is part of the New York National Guard’s COVID-19 mission that began in March 2020, Durr told Insider. A total of 983 personnel have helped create vaccination sites, logistics facilities, and put together testing kits throughout the state, he said. 

So if the left can’t find enough volunteers, they turn to using the military. It’s the nearest thing that they have to modern day slavery.

Arts and Crafts

No One Shoots Like Gaston

So now that I am in the middle of building “Kyle,” I am planning my next build: “Gaston.” It should take me a couple of weeks to finish Kyle, counting parts delivery, assembly, and the holidays interfering. My object with Kyle is an accurate, lightweight AR pattern rifle in 5.56 that has no identifying marks on it, no engraving. Just a sterile, all around defense rifle.

Once Kyle is complete, I will start getting parts together for Gaston.

Gaston will, of course, be a Glock compatible handgun. I am patterning it after a Glock 19, using an 80 percent lower. Cost: $150

I have selected a Gen 3 slide with RMR cut from ninex19. The slide costs about $325. I won’t be mounting an optic on it yet, but I want the option if I decide to do so later.

I am looking at using a Faxon barrel again. (Can you tell that I really like their barrels? I use them almost exclusively) The one I am looking at is extended and threaded for a suppressor. I am really considering Chameleon PVD like this one. It costs $210.

I want something that will not only be high quality, but will look sharp. I will finish it off with the internals and a set of night sights. My budget for this build is $850. I know that this is more than an off the shelf Glock 19, but one of the advantages of building your own is not just privacy, but getting a handgun that is higher quality and better looking than a factory made one. If I was looking at making a stock 19 knockoff, I could do it for less than $550. I want something unique.


Criminal Movement

Perverting the justice system. That is the intent of the left. They were successful with infiltrating and intimidating the jury in the Chauvin case. They tried to intimidate the jury in the Rittenhouse case. Now they are trying with the Daunte Wright shooting.

A communist was arrested for attempting to intimidate the judge in that case. What did he do? He showed up at her apartment building, climbed up to the 12 floor, where he presumed that she lived, and stood outside of her door with a bullhorn, shouting, “I don’t know if this is her crib. I think this is her crib right here. We got confirmation that this is her house right here. We are here for one person in particular. We demand transparency. We’d hate you to get kicked out of your apartment.”

Who is this guy? His name is Cortez Rice, and he claims to be George Floyd’s nephew. (They aren’t related.) He is the very same guy who threatened to release the names and home addresses of the jurors in the Rittenhouse case, if they didn’t vote to convict. He was also arrested for that offense. Why he is out on bail, I have no idea. Born in 1989, here is his criminal record (as near as I can find, but public records in Minnesota only go back 15 years, then they are sealed):

  • In Minnesota in 2010, he pled guilty to riding in a car without permission and was sentenced to 20 days in jail and 1 year probation.
  • In Wisconsin during March 2013, he was convicted of forgery (dismissed), Theft of less than $2500 by false representation- three counts (guilty plea), and theft of mobile property (dismissed). Sentenced to 24 months’ probation, suspended sentence. Sounds like a plea deal.
  • In Wisconsin during May 2013, he pled no contest to theft by false representation of less than $2500 and was given a suspended sentence of 24 months’ probation. Another plea deal.
  • A week later, he was in court again, same deal as the last one.
  • In Minnesota, he was convicted of accessory to misdemeanor robbery and was sentenced to time served plus three years of probation.
  • While on probation for the robbery, he was arrested and was sentenced to 5 years in jail in Minnesota for committing a crime of violence with a firearm in 2017, his first felony, thanks to a long list of plea bargains. At least some of his sentence was stayed. He also got 5 years’ probation.
  • He doesn’t turn up again that I can find until he began protesting during the George Floyd circus in the summer of 2020.

We are facing a movement of violent criminals who are being used as foot soldiers in a communist insurgency. Everyone that Rittenhouse shot had a criminal record. What are the odds that he shot the only criminals involved?

This is what we are facing. Be prepared.