No DELTA Doesn’t Have a License to Kill

A utility worker was taking pictures of power lines in an area of rural NC when he was shot four times by a property owner who also happens to be a member of Delta force. The man was shot in the hand, the back, and then a final kill shot to the face. He was unarmed at the time he was shot. The man shot was from Chechnya. Other details are sparse.

There are some morons on social media claiming that Delta has permission to kill anyone taking photos of them or their families because “national security” demands that the identities of Delta and their families is of utmost importance. That’s nonsense. Shooting an unarmed man in the back before walking up and delivering the coup de grace is not self defense, and no, the US military doesn’t have an unlimited license to kill people who are taking pictures of them.

Such a policy would be a violation of the Constitutional rights of the people being shot.

Keep Your Head on a Swivel

This she-boon was yelling and ranting at Taco Bell employees because they were in her opinion taking too long to prepare her food. Management asked her to leave, and she kept yelling. One of the customers told her to zip it and just leave. So she did, and returned minutes later. This is what happened next:

She was on probation for an armed robbery conviction in Maryland after she held up a pizza delivery man.

Can’t be too careful around those Canadians.

Only For the Hoi Polloi

You need to eat bugs, stop doing your laundry, and buy an electric car that makes it impossible to do a long road trip, so you can save the planet. Unless you are rich and famous, then the rules don’t apply to you. If the commoners point out your hypocrisy, then you get a law passed to keep them from finding out how the rules you espouse don’t apply to you. It’s really important that your two private jets be permitted to fly you all over the world because you need to make money, or something.

unlike someone like Musk, Swift actually had a pretty good reason to travel a lot last year: she was on tour.

Musk travelling for business isn’t to be allowed, but Taylor Swift being permitted to travel for business is, like, really, super important, right?

More Pay BS

Keeping up with my current problems at work, with them requiring us to perform training on our own time but not wanting to pay us. They are saying that any training hours claimed in excess of four hours in any two week pay period will not be approved. At the same time, we are REQUIRED to complete this training, or we will be taken off of the schedule and not permitted to work.

Here is a list of the training that I have been assigned over the next few pay periods:

May 5-18

  • Patient Experience Class- increasing customer satisfaction- 4 hours
  • Preceptor’s monthly TEAMS meeting (preceptors are required to attend 10 of these per year) 2 hours

May 19-June 1

  • Training- The Business of Healthcare, Lecture F, 4 hours
  • Preceptor monthly TEAMS meeting for June, 2 hours

June 2-15

  • Business of healthcare, lecture B, 4 hours
  • June Skills fair, 1 hour
  • Annual megacode simulation, 2 hours
  • Strokes, 2024 Refresher training, 6 course series (Due 24 June) 8 hours

June 16-29

  • Business of Healthcare, lecture E, 4 hours
  • Preceptor workshop, 4 hours
  • Quarterly HAZMAT Decon training, 4 hours

So as you can see, they are only willing to pay for four hours per two week pay period, but they assign you an average of 10 hours of training per pay period. Over the course of a year, that adds up to 240 hours of training, but they are willing pay us for less than half of it. That means I am being cheated out of about 130 hours of overtime each year, if not more. They are getting a month of free labor out of each nurse, each year. It adds up. If all of the nurses who work there are being similarly treated, and listening to the grumbling, they are, the hospital is saving almost $3 million a year by cheating the overtime rules.

Here It Comes

Kissimmee, one of the more liberal city governments in Central Florida, wants to pay people to house the homeless.

Homeless people aren’t simply ordinary working families who have fallen on some hard times. The vast majority of them have drug, alcohol, and mental health problems. Now imagine that you can’t evict your “tenant” or charge the market rate for rent.

That’s right: according to the city, the initiative would have some requirements: the homeowner would have to live at the property in a neighborhood that doesn’t have an HOA and the rent cost would have to be approved.

Did you get that last part? The rent has to be approved by the city. That means you won’t be able to rent this apartment that is in your home without getting the permission of the city, who will tell you how much you can charge. The city will own your house from that point forward, not you.

It gets even better:

Eligible homeowners would need a two-car garage in a home that’s homesteaded, and not governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA). If the city were to provide funding for the home expansion — Eady said she’s looking into government grants that support that — 25 percent of the rent would go to the city to defray those costs. 

That’s right: The city gets to keep 25% of the rent that you collect for the privilege of allowing homeless people to live (and use drugs or even manufacture meth) in your home. Of course, this isn’t being done out of altruism. No, the commissioner is trying to get the homeless out of her neighborhood.

Her motivation, she said, came from a family who she’s heard drives into her neighborhood very late each night to sleep in their car.

So what will be the benefit?

According to national apartment listing service RentCafe, 50% of one-bedroom apartments in the city are renting from $1,400-1,600 per month.

Said Eady: “Not everyone who needs a place can afford all that.”

So I think we can assume that you will not be able to charge more than $1400 per month for this “deal.” The city gets to keep 25% of that. You get to keep $1050 per month, with the city getting $350 of it.

Here’s the financial side of the problem:

  • Now your house is going to be valued higher, and the portion of your home that is rented out is no longer eligible for homestead tax exemption. That means your taxes will increase.
  • Your homeowner’s insurance will have to be changed to a commercial landlord’s insurance. There are very few companies that offer this, and it’s more expensive.
  • You are going to have to pay taxes on the additional income.
  • The renters will likely be using your electricity and water. That means more expense for you.
  • Now you have all of the legal liability for complying with the fair housing act, local building codes, and other regulations. If your tenant has a dog that bites someone- that could be YOUR liability.

It’s only a matter of time before the left begins mandating the housing of people in your “spare” room.

Our Government is Evil

78,000 firearms have been confiscated in Mexico that came from the US. Half of the top sources of these smuggled guns were acting at the behest of the ATF. In fact, the top 5 gun stores that were the source of these firearms accounted for 1102 firearms. The ATF, during Operation Fast and Furious, is known to have been responsible for more than twice that number.

Mexico has filed a $10 billion lawsuit against American gunmakers, as well as accusing five Arizona gun shops of selling guns that crossed the border and were used in crimes. The problem here is that most of those guns were knowingly sold to drug cartels because the ATF told them to do so.

Uriel Patiño was notorious for being the top straw purchaser in the Fast and Furious debacle, purchasing 700 guns under ATF’s watch. Our government is trying to make this happen, which was the entire point of Fast and Furious- to make the gun problem on the border so newsworthy that they would get more power and more budget money.

It is obvious that the bureaucracy is running the government, and the politicians are merely grifters who are under their complete control.


Biden’s profligate spending is destroying the US economy. The cumulative effect of persistent inflation is devastating. Since President Biden took office in 2021 the CPI is up by 19%. For basic necessities, the situation is even worse. Groceries are up 21%. Gasoline prices are up 47%. The cost of shelter 20%, and electricity almost 30%.

American workers simply can’t keep up. Since President Biden took office, average income after inflation has fallen over 2.5%. A typical American family must pay $12,000 more per year simply to maintain the standard of living that it enjoyed when President Biden took office, yet their income hasn’t risen by that much.

Biden likes to say that this is being caused by the greed of corporations who are seeking profits and using inflation as an excuse. “Price gouging” has been the mantra of a left that is desperate to prove that their economic ideas aren’t complete rubbish.

“If you take a look at what people have, they have the money to spend. It angers them and angers me that you have to spend more,” Biden told CNN’s Erin Burnett, pointing to the shrinking size of Snickers bars and other food products. “It’s like 20% less for the same price. That’s corporate greed. That’s corporate greed. And we have got to deal with it. And that’s what I’m working on.”

In February, Biden said there are “still too many corporations in America ripping people off. Price gouging, junk fees, greedflation, shrinkflation.”

“America – we’re tired of being played for suckers!” Biden said.

Because it simply can’t be socialism’s fault when socialism fails, the rest of the administration echoes the talking point:

“These markups should have reversed as we recovered from the pandemic—the fact that they haven’t means prices can come down if corporate profits come back to earth,” Edwards said. “President Biden has repeatedly called on large corporations to pass their record profits along to their customers by lowering prices. And he is taking on corporate rip-offs like hidden junk fees that costs families billions of dollars a year. The President will continue to call out corporate rip-offs and fight to keep money in Americans’ pockets.”

Which is complete bullshit. Prices didn’t increase during the pandemic and its aftermath because of the pandemic itself, but because of the trillions of dollars that were conjured into existence as if by magic. Those dollars are still in the economy, more dollars being circulated in the chase for even fewer goods. What’s worse is that the success of Biden’s political future depends upon tossing money from helicopters onto his voting base. That’s why he continues to rain student loan forgiveness in opposition to SCOTUS’ decision that doing so is unconstitutional. It’s why he continues to send thousands in gift cards and free rent to illegals.

Tax and spend. It’s all socialists have, and it will continue to make things worse.

If you think it’s bad now, wait until after the election.

For Example

I am sitting at home, taking a mandatory online training course on “preventing medication errors.” The class lasts from 0800-1200. Let’s see if I get approved to be paid for this course.


A 17 year old was shot in Haines City, Florida this weekend. The police officer in question spotted a 2014 Nissan Versa that had been reported stolen that day. They initiated a felony traffic stop, and the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed before striking another car, so police cancelled the pursuit. A short distance away, a Polk county deputy tried to use stop sticks on the car, but the car went off road to avoid them before taking off again at over 100 miles per hour. passenger of the car. The police then used a PIT maneuver to stop the car.

The passenger in the vehicle then tried pulling a gun, so one of the cops shot him. The 19 year old driver was then arrested.

These “teens” aren’t choirboys.

  • The 19 year old driver has 11 felony, six misdemeanor arrests, and three probation violations.
  • The 17 year old (deceased) passenger had been arrested for four misdemeanors, a felony and five probation violations- all by the age of 17.

They were in a stolen car, fleeing from the police, were involved in two hit and run crashes during that chase, and were illegally in possession of drugs and firearms. In my opinion, the actions by the cops here were proper, and the driver should be charged with felony murder.