The solar power system was installed this week, We turned it on this morning. 24 panels, each capable of supplying 420 watts, for a total capacity of 10 kW. We can’t yet sell the power back to the power company, because they haven’t yet approved our application. Until then, we will run off of batteries and solar, with the excess being given to the power company free of charge. Hopefully, that will change within a week or two.

The install took two days, even though it was supposed to only take one. On day one, the team got the Powerwalls mounted, and 21 of the 24 panels on the roof before an incoming afternoon thunderstorm stopped work for the day. On day two, they got the final three panels up, ran all of the conduit and wiring, then shut power off to the house for about an hour so they could make all of the connections. They turned the system on, but that was at 1700, after it began raining again, so we didn’t generate any solar at all yesterday.

At 1000 this morning, we were generating 5 kW from solar while only using 0.5 kW, with the 4.5kW of excess going into the batteries. Our Powerwalls are already charged to 50% of capacity, and we have already generated 6.5 kWh purely from solar.

I will revisit the numbers within a week or so. It’s still to early to talk about how well the system is going to meet our needs.


Newly-elected President Obama was meeting with Republican leaders just after his 2009 inauguration. The Republicans were meeting with the President and attempting to find some common ground. The Democrats had majorities in both houses of Congress. Mr. Obama smugly told GOP leaders that “elections have consequences, and, in case there is any doubt, I won.” Then he proceeded to use his power to bend the entire nation over the Resolute desk. You know, the same desk that Clinton was sitting behind when he got a Lewinski from, well, Lewinski.

For the 15 years that followed, the left used their power like a large hammer, beating down everyone simply because they could. Cancel culture became a weapon. How many of us were silenced on social media? How many times did we smugly hear “learn to code?” I have been attacked on this blog, to the point where people have tried to get my website taken away, tried to locate my employer to get me fired, and even threatened me with physical violence. That’s why I moved this blog from the free space it had on Blogspot to the version that you see here.

The threats and attacks have been escalating for a decade and a half, mostly because the left was emboldened by the fact that they weren’t getting much pushback. Not remaining content with just taking away people’s livelihoods, in 2020 the soft attacks of cancel culture expanded to become physical violence. People died. Now someone has taken a shot at President Trump and the left is crowing online and in person about how the assassin should have been successful, and the right seems to finally be responding in kind.

They are calling the right “divisive” because they no longer want to deal with those who have been calling them “deplorable NAZI’s” while threatening to put them in camps and kill them for the past 15 years. The Twitter account called “Libs of TikTok” has been contacting the employers of people who have been saying ugly things and getting them fired, deplatformed, and putting them out of business. The left has been crying about it. I would love to respond, but Larry Correia beat me to it, and has said it much more effectively than I could.

The left crushed tens of thousands of people’s lives for things that they said for more than a decade and a half. They hounded CHILDREN for perceived transgressions. They gleefully ruined lives. They have been SWATTING people.

My sense of civility and kindness has been worn away. I don’t give a fuck about the left, and I will have no mercy. I am going to fight this fight, taking the battle as far as is strategically and tactically feasible.

Just In Time

You all know that we moved to a new home at the beginning of the year. We placed our house on the market about two months ago. At first we tried to do a sale by owner. No dice. We had only one person contact us to inquire, and that led nowhere. After a month or so with no leads, we hired a realtor, who has had at least four open houses, but no dice. So we cut the price by $25k about two weeks ago. Still nothing.

No other houses that are listed in the area are selling, either. It looks like the bottom is falling out of the housing market. Nothing is selling. The realtor says that he isn’t moving inventory, and he thinks that people are waiting to see if sleepy Joe is going to get ousted, which will change the nation’s economic course and lower the insane interest rates.

In the meantime, Zillow is still showing that prices are falling like a rock. The price that Zillow is estimating for our house is a full $60k less than it was six months ago, and $10k less than it was two weeks ago.

All I know is that we have decided that, should our house still not sell by the end of our contract with the realtor, we are not going to cut our price again. Instead, we will convert it into a rental and ask for $2500 to $3000 per month in rent for an 8 month lease. Then we will see where the market is in 8 months.

In the meantime, sleepy Joe is talking about passing a law for nationwide rent control. Rent control will actually increase costs more than simply letting the market do it. I have posted on that numerous times.

Getting Worse

Yes, the first information from a major event is usually wrong. It’s called the ‘fog of war’ and it’s a well known phenomenon. The problem is that the news coming out from Trump’s attempted assassination keeps making the entire even glow brighter as time goes on.

The latest is that the police spotted the shooter on that roof at 5:45, called it in and took a picture of him. Trump didn’t take the stage until 6:05. The shots were fired at 6:11.

So when the suspicious person was called in, why did Trump’s detail still allow him to take the stage? Why didn’t anyone go over there and check it out? Was this incompetence? Complacency? Or something more sinister?

We will never know the truth.

So Far

Here is what we know about the Trump assassination attempt so far:

  1. a random 20 year old acting completely alone walked to within 150 yards of a presidential campaign rally with a rifle
  2. climbed onto a rooftop, fully within the view of two Secret Service sniper teams
  3. even though multiple people told the authorities that there was a man on the roof top with a rifle, only one of the even investigated, and he ran away without telling anyone else once the 20 year old pointed a gun at him
  4. set up his shot and fired without anyone intervening
  5. with no help from anyone.
  6. He once tried to join his school’s rifle club, but his aim was so bad he hit the side wall instead of the end wall where the target was, so didn’t make the team
  7. He was also so politically radical as to attempt an assassination, but not radical enough to have ever posted any political writings or commentary on any social media site, ever
  8. He also wrote no manifesto and left behind no indication about why he did it
  9. The password and encryption on his cell phone is so airtight that the entire Federal government can’t crack it
  10. He committed only two political acts before attempting to kill the Republican candidate, and that was to register as a Republican and donate $15 to Act Blue.

You must believe this and ask no questions about it, or else you are a conspiracy theorist. One thing we know about assassination attempts is that there’s never any conspiring involved.

Things are going to deteriorate at a faster rate. It’s going to seem blindingly fast in retrospect.

How To Lie

According to Robert Heinlein, there are three ways to tell a lie:

  • Complete fabrication. This is the means of lying used most by children. The reason is that this is the easiest way to be caught as the liar loses track of what lies they have already told.
  • Tell partial truth, partial falsehood. This is the way that most people lie. You tell the truth, but modify that truth with enough facts to tell the tale you wish to tell.
  • Tell the absolute truth, but tell it in such a way as to misdirect the listener.

With that being said, read these headlines from the leftist media:

This is why I don’t watch traditional media. If I catch you lying to me once, I can never again trust anything that you tell me. Note that they are telling the truth, but are doing so in such a way as to misdirect the receiver of the message. The omission of the key facts completely transform the message, making the received message a different one that the reality that the message was based upon.

You don’t hate our media enough.

In the meantime, I continue making sure that my family is ready for what is coming.

Domestic Enemies

The FBI is claiming that the Trump shooting yesterday is domestic terrorism. I don’t like it. It’s becoming more obvious to me that it was a false flag. This wasn’t a psychotic nut bag gunning down a classroom full of kids, this was a directed, determined assassin taking a shot at the candidate who the left already tried to impeach, prosecute, and sue out of the race.

Are they about to play some sort of game where they declare Trump or Republicans to be terrorists?

What is the play here?


I am removing this entire post because it was based upon incorrect information. I should learn to vet my sources more carefully.

My only defense is that I worked until 2 am then got home to hear the news about the Trump assassination attempt, so I stayed up until 4 watching videos. I was awakened at 8 am by my wife because I had asked her to get me up early so I could get the house ready for my pending solar install.

Mea culpa.