Having Sex to Save Virginity

The Democrats need to stop Donald Trump in order to save Democracy (TM). They are going to do this by banning outlets like Fox news and Newsmax. Presumably this blog as well. Nothing saves freedom and democracy like eliminating free speech.

This is like screwing to save virginity.

It’s Over

My regular readers know that my mother passed away in early December. She left a mess of things by not keeping her will up to date. I told my brother, who was taking point on this, that he needed to hire a lawyer to handle the estate. He poo-pooed my advice and said that no lawyers were open during the Christmas holidays, and he would take care of it after the New Year. He was busy trying to track down Mom’s assets.

He paid a retainer to a lawyer in mid January, and had his first meeting during the following week.

That wasn’t what my mother’s widower and his daughter did. It turns out that they knew where all of Mom’s assets were. They hired a lawyer less than a week after mom died. By the time of my brother’s meeting, the hearings had already been finalized, and all of Mom’s assets had already been distributed.

My brother dropped the ball. Even worse is that Mom’s husband has dementia. All of this was orchestrated by the man’s daughter and ex-wife. I am sure that Dad, when he left Mom all of his assets, did not intend for all of that money to go to that man’s daughter and ex-wife. We aren’t even sure how much they wound up getting. We know it was at least $150k.

Even worse, this is the first time in more than 2 decades that my mother didn’t call me on my birthday at the exact time I was born to wish me a happy birthday.


I spend a lot of time talking about how the left doesn’t understand economics. Today I am going to criticize those on the right who don’t understand money or economics. Let’s use a Christian who quotes the Bible when he claims that usury (the charging of interest) is a sin, and thus shouldn’t be permitted.

The outlawing of interest would stop all lending. Why would I loan you money and assume the risk of the borrower not paying it back. What is the upside? According to him, you would loan out this money because you are a nice person.

This is simply idiocy. He claims that the bank is making a profit on money that isn’t theirs, and besides money doesn’t actually exist.

There are reasons why it’s a bad idea to lend to people:

  • Default: A percentage of people won’t repay the loan. Charging interest makes up for that. If there is a 1% chance that a person will default, you need to charge more than 1% interest to compensate for that.
  • Loss of opportunity: Instead of loaning you that money, perhaps I could use it myself to repair my home, buy some clothes, or some other reason. If I am not charging interest, I would rather use my money for my purposes, not yours. Imagine the look you would get from the wife if you loaned $100,000 to a family so they could buy a house, then your kid needs braces. Then you explain to the wife that your kid can’t get braces because you loaned out the money that you had been saving.
  • Inflation: The $100 I lend you today will only be worth $80 or $90 tomorrow. I need to charge interest to compensate for that loss to inflation.

For the three reasons above, let’s say that you loan $1,000 out to 100 people. Your $100,000 is out there, and 1% of them never pay you back. The others take 5 years to pay you back. Now you have only $99,000, but that money is now only worth $48,000, thanks to inflation. You just lost the use of your money for 5 years, and half of it’s value.

But at least you can claim to be a “good Christian.”

The other part of his argument is that banks are lending money that belongs to their depositors, and because it isn’t theirs, they have no right to profit from that. This is a nonsensical argument. A retail store is selling goods that they purchase from others. A grocery store sells tomatoes that it buys from a farmer, beef from a rancher, etc. so that the consumer doesn’t have to go to ten different farmers to get their groceries, charging a fee for the convenience.

A bank operates the same way. They take small amounts of money from depositors, paying them interest for the use of their money, then loans out larger amounts, charging interest for the convenience of being able to buy a house or a car now, instead of having to wait years while saving to do it in cash. A bank is a retail store that sells money for a fee.

The claim that Christian societies functioned for thousands of years without banks is bullshit. First, people were largely living a subsistence lifestyle for a good part of that. Banks and money allow for society to have a division of labor: instead of having to build your own house, grow your own food, make your own clothes, etc., money allows a person to specialize in building houses, or farming, or fixing people’s teeth. You can sell that product or service and use some of it to pay people to do the other things, or make the products that you don’t. Part of that is money and money lending.

This is where Jewish people have gotten the hate and scorn from. Christian societies needed money lending, but couldn’t make it work because they were losing money in not charging interest. Along came the Jews, who weren’t prohibited from charging interest, and they made a pile of money providing bank lending services. It is people who had the “interest should be illegal” opinion that started all of the hate and discontent.

Saying that people who provide this service should do so for free is no different than claiming landlords shouldn’t charge rent, or that medical care should be free. It’s a nonsensical, childish argument. This argument is how you tell me that you don’t understand people, opportunity cost, or economics.

Recon Your Area, 500 yards

When I was a firefighter, it used to annoy me when we would close a road because of a fire, accident, or other emergency, and people would be angry that “this is the only way to get to my house.” I would point out that I could think of four different ways to get around the closed road, but the idiots only knew one way.

Part of being prepared for anything is to know the area where you live. Know it on foot, know it in a vehicle, and if possible, know it from the air. That means doing a thorough recon of the area. That starts with knowing everything about the area within 500 yards of your door. You can use a range card, found here on the training materials page, or you can simply do a sketch. Make sure that it includes the range and bearing of landmarks like the treeline behind your house, that large elm tree down the road a bit, and other things that you can use to estimate range using the Mark I eyeball.

I know that the treeline behind my house is 98 yards away. The treeline in front of the house is 85 yards away. The house behind mine is 403 yards from my back door. I have all sorts of landmarks on my card, and that will allow me to guess the range to various things within 500 yards or so of my house.

Now that you know the physical layout, make sure you know your neighbors and identify potential allies as well as potential rats or informants. As always, practice OPSEC and remember that the person asking you to do illegal shit or showing an interest in what you have is probably an informant or a thief.


Since Canada has all of those gun laws that the left likes to say prevent crime, it isn’t possible that men armed with machine guns tried to assassinate a Canadian citizen by mag dumping it into his vehicle, injuring four. Doesn’t that count as a mass shooting? Even though it was caught on video, there must be a mistake.

How I Would Be on the News

If I am standing on my porch more than 30 feet away from a cop that is making an arrest in my driveway, and the cop walks over to claim that I am interfering in his arrest to arrest me, we are gonna have a problem. However, that’s exactly what happened in 2019 in Vallejo, California.

First, he has a motorcyclist at gunpoint, but holsters his firearm before showing the motorcycle rider his back. I would argue that the cop never really felt that the rider was enough of a threat to justify pointing a gun at him.

Second, you come onto MY porch because I am filming your empty headed conduct from 30 feet away, then you try to arrest me? Things will not go well, and we are going to be on the news that night. Just because you are a cop doesn’t mean that you get a free pass to violate my rights in my house, and I don’t give a shit what court decisions you have that claim otherwise.

But Burrell says [the cop] told him that he would let him go because he was a veteran, thanked him for his service and let him out of the car.

Bullshit. This hotheaded cop realized that he was making a HUGE mistake and used the “you’re a veteran, so I am letting you go” as a way to try and correct his error.

Burrell said he then went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion. He is still seeking treatment and says his fingers remain numb from the handcuffs.

This is 100% tyrannical bullshit. I am normally a “let’s fight it out in court” kind of guy, but once you are on my porch, that shit goes out the window. Is that a threat? You bet your sweet ass it is. Just watching this video pisses me off.

Officer David McLaughlin has also been involved in two shootings since joining Vallejo police. He and Officer Matt Komoda fired on a suspect who was allegedly driving at them before crashing into a parked car on Aug. 31, 2016. No one was injured.

If you shoot like shit, it’s not a good idea to be driving around acting like an asshole while you point guns a people. Sooner or later, someone is going to accept your challenge. He has already shot at two people in his ten years as a cop. Most cops go their entire career without shooting at anyone.

Similarly, if I wind up on a jury in a case like this, I am going to oppose whatever this miniature tyrant’s position is. In this case, the Marine veteran got paid $300,000 by the city.


Calling things like evading taxes by selling loose, untaxed cigarettes, stealing, robbing, shooting, and raping crimes? That’s just the racism of whites on display. You see, when whites pass laws, they are doing so to keep blacks from practicing their cultural norms, not because they don’t want people stealing the things that they have worked hard for, not because they don’t want their women to be raped. Nope, it’s all because of racism.

So there you have it- Ben Crump finally admits what we all knew already:

Blacks are a race of thieves, rapists, and murders. Their values and social norms are incompatible with those of civilized cultures all over the world. Most races on the planet build and create, while African culture builds only mud huts, and steals anything else that they want. Those aren’t my words, they are his.


The left thinks that they have a smoking gun because the White House medical unit ordered thousands of narcotic pills during the Trump Presidency, and the Pentagon says that they were not tracked very well. It isn’t smoking, nor is it a gun.

The White House Medical unit maintains a health clinic for all of the staff members of the White House, the Naval Observatory, Air Force 1 and 2, as well as assisting the Secret Service in setting up and maintaining emergency trauma centers everywhere their protectees go. The office also maintains fully stocked pharmacies at the White House, Naval Observatory, Old Executive Office Building, and aboard Air Force 1. There are 1800 staff members of the White House alone. The WHMU also provides emergency coverage for more than 1.5 million annual visitors to the White House and guests of the President, as well as national and international Heads-of-State and diplomats when they are in Washington, DC. So the amounts ordered aren’t really that remarkable.

The same doctor has been assigned to the WHMU since1995, and has been its director since 2000- more than 24 years. He is an Air Force Brigadier General by the name of Richard Tubb.

As an ED nurse, I see between 10 and 30 patients a day, most days. On any given day, I give controlled substances like Fentanyl, Dilaudid, Morphine, Norco, Xanax, Valium, Versed, and others a dozen or more times per day, and I am not filling prescriptions like a pharmacy, I am personally administering them.

The difference here is that our medical staff at the hospital have a pharmacist who checks every medical order for safety. The doctor writes the order, the pharmacist checks to make sure it is safe, then releases it. The nurse retrieves it from the automated dispenser, then administers it to the patient after also checking to make sure it’s a safe and appropriate medication. That’s right- at least three different people check to make sure it’s safe.

Not so in the WHMU. The providers are directly administering the medications without a pharmacist or nurse backstopping them. This makes errors more likely, but it doesn’t mean that the drugs are being abused.

The fact that some drugs weren’t well maintained doesn’t mean that Trump or someone on his staff was abusing them, it just means that government workers, being immune from fines for not tracking narcotics or lawsuits from improperly dosing or prescribing them don’t bother to do so. They track their controlled medications like law enforcement tracks their firearms. That is to say, not very well.


A woman is claiming that her child’s Easy Bake Oven gave her family carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why people shouldn’t use Google to self diagnose medical problems. The Easy Bake oven uses a lightbulb to generate heat. There is no open flame, thus no combustion. Since carbon monoxide is a product of incomplete combustion, this isn’t the culprit.

The second issue here is that a pulse oximeter allegedly showed 89 percent. This is not caused by CO for technical reasons. See, a pulse oximeter works because hemoglobin that is bound to another molecule absorbs certain frequencies of red light, while hemoglobin that is not bound to another molecule does not. The pulse oximeter shines two frequencies of red light through the body, and measures how much one is absorbed over the other. The result is used to calculate the proportion of bound hemoglobin versus unbound that is passing through the beam.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is caused because CO binds to hemoglobin 200 times more readily than does oxygen. This causes the hemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin, which absorbs that red light as readily as oxyhemoglobin, which is formed when oxygen binds to hemoglobin. This means that the pulse oximeter will show the same number whether it is carboxyhemoglobin or oxyhemoglobin. This phenomenon is called the pulse oximetry gap and makes a pulse oximeter useless for diagnosing CO poisoning.

There is a linear decline in O2Hb (oxyhemoglobin) saturation as COHb (carboxyhemoglobin) saturation increases. This decline is not detected by pulse oximetry, which therefore overestimates O2Hb saturation in patients with increased COHb levels. The pulse oximetry gap increases with higher levels of COHb and approximates the COHb level. In patients with possible CO poisoning, pulse oximetry must be considered unreliable and interpreted with caution until the COHb level has been measured. [Bozeman WP, Myers RAM, Barish RA: Confirmation of the pulse oximetry gap in carbon monoxide poisoning. Ann Emerg Med November 1997;30:608-611.]

The fire department found no signs of CO in the apartment, but the couple claims that this was due to the oven having been unplugged 8 hours before.

This entire story is stupidity, and newspapers should be sued for publishing garbage like this with no corroboration other than some moron’s Google search. If you are going to make a claim like this, at least do a little research. Layers of editorial research my hairy ass.

Because I am getting used to providing evidence based resources:

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The IRS War on the Right

Do you remember when Obama used the IRS to target his political enemies? I do. The IRS even settled a lawsuit and apologized. So did Obama.

IRS leaks have targeted Democrats’ political enemies, such as the National Organization for Marriage, to which the IRS was obliged to pay a settlement after leaking the identities of the group’s donors in order to enable political retaliation against them. For some reason, Barack Obama’s Justice Department never got around to prosecuting that case. Or the case of the IRS director lying to Congress about targeting conservative political groups, or … well, you get the picture.

That was before the Treasury Department investigated itself and found that it did nothing wrong. So now the left is claiming that it was all fake news. Next they will say that the Russians did it because Trump asked them to.

So why am I posting about things that happened more than 7 years ago? Because it is still happening. The House Oversight Committee is looking into allegations that the IRS is selectively not enforcing its tax-exempt rules against liberal nonprofits.