Purge opposition

Say it isn’t so

The Texas State Guard is the latest to become infiltrated and subverted. They are now going full on woke.

Police State Silence the opposition

False Flag

To go along with my previous post on how the Biden administration is trying to silence the opposition, the Washington Post came out swinging today.

Their article is misleading. They are attacking Tucker Carlson for claiming that the January 6th events at the Capitol were engineered by the FBI. They set up a strawman to attack:

The sketchy and quickly debunked claims made by Carlson. The Fox News host was elevating a story written for the website Revolver by a former Trump administration official (later fired for links to white nationalists) arguing that “unindicted co-conspirators” referred to in Justice Department charging documents referred to government law enforcement agents. In other words, that the references implied a significant intertwining of FBI agents in the violence that day. But, as The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake reported, that term wouldn’t apply to FBI agents, and the “co-conspirators” identified by Carlson were at times clearly identifiable. One, for example, was obviously a suspect’s wife, based on the available information. Marrying someone for a long-game sting operation would be quite a level of commitment.

Debunked my ass. The FBI engineered it, but not by using actual agents. No, they did it by using FBI informants. I pointed this out way back in January. Even Reuters reported that the leader of the Proud Boys was an FBI informant.

In the Miami hearing, a federal prosecutor, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and Tarrio’s [Tarrio is the leader of the Proud Boys- DM] own lawyer described his undercover work and said he had helped authorities prosecute more than a dozen people in various cases involving drugs, gambling and human smuggling.

In a statement to Reuters, the former federal prosecutor in Tarrio’s case, Vanessa Singh Johannes, confirmed that “he cooperated with local and federal law enforcement, to aid in the prosecution of those running other, separate criminal enterprises, ranging from running marijuana grow houses in Miami to operating pharmaceutical fraud schemes

So the Washington Post either has a short memory, or they are deliberately lying.

We know the FBI can and will do so. Remember how Sandy Hook resulted in a 1500 page report from the FBI, but the Las Vegas shooter report was only three pages?

Purge opposition Silence the opposition War on the Right

Ministry of Truth

This article from the Free Beacon engenders a certain amount of concern from me. There are some scary statements in there. Let me point out a few of them:

the Biden administration endorses the “Christchurch Call,” a series of sweeping regulations to “eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.” Governments that endorse the Christchurch Call support media “industry standards … to ensure that reporting on terrorist attacks does not amplify terrorist and violent extremist content.”

Can anyone think of how the press would have reacted to this statement if it had been made by the Trump administration?

According to DHS, warning signs that internet content may be the product of a disinformation campaign include a lack of “contradicting information” and articles that do not include the names of authors, a standard practice by news outlets such as the Associated Press and the Economist.

So first you claim to be targeting “online extremists” and then say that any article that doesn’t include the author’s name is a sign that the article is disinformation. Perhaps that author doesn’t want to be vzyali.

This is why I set up the server that is hosting this blog and others. It is only a matter of time before many voices are silenced.


Destroying the Church

As all of you probably know, I am not a religious person. What you don’t know is that I was raised Catholic. While I have my criticisms of the Church and the Holy See, one thing that I have always respected is the church’s steadfast defense of its beliefs.

President Biden’s stance is not in keeping with the Church’s stance on abortion. The Church is reportedly looking at refusing communion to Catholics who support abortion, and the President doesn’t think that the Church has the moxie to enforce this rule.

“That’s a private matter and I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” the second Catholic president told reporters at the White House.

In short, he thinks that the Communist Pope will cave in, thus destroying the reputation of the Church. In other words, the President believes that the Pope’s support of Communism outweighs his belief in his God.

But Pope Francis, who is known for his oftentimes liberal views, is believed to oppose cutting off Communion to Biden. He said in a recent sermon that Communion “is not the reward of saints, but the bread of sinners” and his allies campaigned against the US bishops’ push.

He might be right. Biden stole an election and he may also steal the Church. The Pope is soon to bow down and kiss the Presidential ring.



The “Isis Bride” who defected to Isis and joined the terrorists in fighting her own country now says that she was just a “dumb kid” when at 15 years old she and two classmates set off for Syria to join the terror group. Her two friends are believed to have died in the fighting. She had three children by her Muslim husband, all of them killed in the fighting.

Keep in mind that she was, as late as 2019, saying that she had no regrets, but claims that everyone should have sympathy for what she has been through. Otherwise, she has shown no remorse.

Her biggest regret is that she can’t watch Friends or the Kardashians.

I do agree that your country shouldn’t be able to remove your citizenship without a fair shot at a hearing. Instead of exile, they should allow her to return and face charges of treason and terrorism. If convicted, then the penalty should be life in prison. If it is proven that she directly supported the war by providing material support or by actually taking up arms, she should be put to death.



Biden begged Putin not to attack America’s infrastructure using cyberattacks.

“We made it clear we were not going to allow this to go on,” the president said. “I gave them a list. … There were no threats, just simple assertions made. I think the last thing he wants now is a cold war.”

It’s almost like giving them a list of where we are vulnerable. If he believed that Russia was actually carrying out deliberate cyberattacks and had any balls, he would have said something more like:

“The United States views any cyberattack upon its strategically important infrastructure as being no different than a deliberate attack. The United States would be forced to defend its interests if such an attack were to occur. It would be most unfortunate for everyone if an attack originating from within your borders were to be mistaken for a deliberate act.”


Savannah Shooting

A so-called mass shooting in Savannah. Two dead and six injured. While this seems to support the “mass shooting” claims of the left, this is not what most people think of when they think about mass shooters. Like the majority of shootings in the USA, this is one group of black males shooting it out with another group of black males over whatever gang and drug related issues that they consider important.

Chief Minter said preliminary information leads police to believe this shooting stemmed from a conflict between two groups. Savannah Police’s gang unit was on the scene Saturday. Chief Minter said it could be connected to a shots-fired incident on Tuesday in the same area. Chief Minter said no one in the area could provide information to police about Tuesday’s incident.

It was a driveby where gangs shot at each other. 60 shell casings were found, 8 people were shot (including a toddler) and no one saw a thing. Tell me again how cops are the problem in black neighborhoods.

The police chief just spins the problem, and that is the main reason why there IS a problem, and why that problem will not ever be fixed. Eight months ago, the police chief said they need “guns off the street” but aren’t saying a thing about controlling criminal gangs.

Antigun Guns

Should I tell my neighbors I own guns?

I saw the headline on Slate, and I thought, oh crap. What will this be?

It is a question written by a pair gun owning, liberal Fudds who believe that guns are only for them and not anyone else, it is over the top ridiculous cuckold crap.

They are locked in the attic (which is only accessible from a pull down ladder that even my 6-foot tall spouse can’t reach without a step stool). What do we do here?

This is NOT responsible gun ownership. Your entire idea of securing your guns away from your children is to hide them in a spot where you think your kids can’t find them. As your kids get older, they will find them just like they would find Dad’s porn stash, except that this cuck likely doesn’t look at porn. Here is an idea- as a card carrying anti-gun hunting liberal, why don’t you have a locking gun safe? Isn’t that what you assholes demand of the rest of us?

The advice he gets from Slate is just as bad:

Explain why you have the guns, appease my fears (that you’re pro-strong gun laws), tell me where you keep the guns, and explain how difficult it would be to access them.

Why not do the same with your bank accounts?

How about this:

Me to neighbor: “I own guns. They are locked in a safe unless I am using them to kill small woodland creatures or frighten off some minorities.”


Flying sucks

I hate flying. Not because of a fear of flying or crashing. I hate flying because it is a truly horrid experience. Let me tell all of you why:

I arrived at the McCarron airport in Las Vegas yesterday at 4 pm, Pacific time. I have TSA Pre-check, which supposedly means that I have passed a background check that allows me to fly without removing my shoes or belt, among other things. Except the TSA has their metal detector turned to its most sensitive setting, which requires me to remove my wedding ring, watch, and belt EVERY. STINKING. TIME. This REALLY pisses me off. Do you want to know why?

Because on more than one occasion I have had 2- TWO- pepper spray dispensers and a push dagger in my carry on. Once, it was an industrial sized can of bear mace that I had forgotten was in my bag when I flew home from Alaska. The TSA is a bunch of incompetent asshats.

With that out of the way, my flight boarded at 5:30 for a 6:05 departure. With a flight time of four and a half hours, plus a triple time zone change, we were scheduled to arrive in Orlando at 1:40 in the morning.

We were initially delayed because a suitcase had been checked on board by a passenger who was not onboard the flight. Big no-no. So we had to delay while they located the asshole in one of the airport bars. By the time that was sorted out, Southwest airlines had a computer failure that grounded all of the company’s aircraft. We sat at the gate with no air conditioning for over two hours.

The guy in my row, a black man, decided to take off his shirt and socks. He began rubbing his feet and fanning himself with the plane brochure. The smell was horrific. As time marched on, some people left the plane. The guy finally went to a row with open seats.

We finally left the gate at 8:15. There were crying babies in the rows behind me, so I put on my noise cancelling headset. The WiFi in the plane was broken, so no in flight movies, music, or entertainment of any kind. Southwest doesn’t sell or allow any alcohol on their aircraft, so I decided to try for some sleep. You know how that goes.

We landed in Orlando at 3:30, and by the time I collected my bags from the carousel and my car from long term parking, it was 4:30. I finally got home at 5:45, to collapse in my bed until 10 o’clock.

Southwest had another ground stop caused by another computer issue less than 18 hours later. In all, the two delays cancelled or delayed over 2,800 flights.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the entire experience of flying? I will say that, other than flying, it was a very relaxing and much needed week of R&R. Back to work in the morning.


In practice

So to sum up my strategy for gambling, the way to maximize my time at the table for the amount I am losing is to put a limit on daily losses. As an example, I will use my just completed trip to Las Vegas as an example. My limit for this trip was $300 a day.

So day one, I played for 2 hours and lost $40 before getting tired and going to bed.

Day two, we went to watch a hockey game at a sports bar before hitting the casino. At the casino, I lost $300 in a total of four hours of play. My total loss for the trip is $340.

Day three, we played Craps for 2 hours after breakfast. I won $300 in that morning session before losing $400 in the afternoon. That means I am down a total of $440.

Day four was Saturday. I wound up losing my full $300, meaning I was down $740 for the trip.

On Sunday, I needed to play slots to earn some comps. I wound up winning $182 on slots before we had to go pickup my mother in law at the airport, and her flight was delayed by 4 and a half hours due to storms in Orlando. I found a Craps table at NYNY and won nearly $1,500.

On day six, I played for just a little bit before heading to the airport and won another $100 and change.

So I began the trip with $1,500 in gambling funds and got back on the plane home with just under $2,400. Not bad for a 6 day trip.

We flew from Orlando to Las Vegas for $400 each, round trip. We checked into the Park MGM. The first four nights were free because of comps.

In total, we spent about $750 in food and alcohol, mostly because we had some comps.

One thing that I want to mention is comps. Those are the free perks that you get for gambling. We stick with the one that gives us the best offers. In our case, that is MGM Resorts.

In this case, we stayed in the hotel for 5 nights at a total cost of $223. I had gotten comped 4 nights for just the cost of resort fees. We also got $200 in free slot play and $100 in free food and drink. I get offers for comped stays 4 or 5 times a year. Sometimes with comped resort fees, sometimes not.

What this means is that we spent under $1,800 for a 6 day, 5 night vacation. Factor in the money won at the table and it was even cheaper.

We went to street party for the Las Vegas hockey team and ate some pretty good BBQ ribs, saw a couple of shows, and did a bit of sightseeing. I got to see an obviously rich Chinese guy take out a $100,000 loan from the casino to gamble with. Saw a fight, got in a fight, and had a pretty good time.

Now I am getting on the plane to go home back to work while my wife is staying in Vegas with her mother for a few more days of mother/daughter time. Now to get some sleep on the plane. I won’t be home until 4 am.